My blood test came back clear and my doctors are amazed. I sincerely appreciate everyone involved in your team for saving my life by bringing my health back. My mind and body are alive again. Life never felt so good before! Thank you with all my heart. I will be spreading the word of the miracle that you have achieved in every way possible. I’m very happy to know that you will be back in action soon! What you are doing is amazing!! I know people are waiting anxiously.

Elizabeth, Frankston

I ordered the 6 months pills the next day. Fast forward to now, I have about 30 days left of my 6 months pills I ordered, and I went yesterday to the doctor and got tested again hoping for a negative results since my birthday is this month and they called me today that my results were negative. I am overwhelmed, over joyed and somewhat speechless. I burst out crying and fell to the ground because I was in such shock. I am writing this email if it is received to tell you all that this is what the world needs. Everyone living with this virus should have the chance as I did to rid their body of this virus and live without worry.

David, Brighton

I have been taking your supplements for the past eight months now and couldn’t believe the results. Hearing the doctor say you are negative brought tears to my eyes as I honestly couldn’t believe what I was hearing which made me want to take another test with another doctor. Again, could not believe the results came in as negative.

Sebastian, Cleveland

I just want to say thank you. I was diagnosed with HSV 2 July 2020. Even though I’ve never had an outbreak, it was hard knowing that I had the virus and that it could pop up at any time or I could possibly spread it without knowing it. I bought your formula in September 2020 and finished almost six months worth of treatment. I was scared to go back and get tested after because I had doubt that it might not work but two days ago I went and got retested and it came back Negative. Now I know for sure that herbal medicine works, heals and cures. Please keep doing what you’re doing! Thanks again.

Monique, Liverpool

I’d like to inform happy news. In last May, my IgM and IgG was negative and since last February I had no symptoms by now. And my doctor said he cannot believe this result and simultaneously he said it means virus does not exist in my body even if he cannot believe that. (In fact all doctors in my country believe this hsv virus cannot be eliminated if once infected.) Anyway thanks for this result.
Kim W, Taiwan

Hi, i hope you are all doing well. I wanted to let you know that i got rid of the virus! Thank you!! I see no symptoms at this time and would say it works great! I brought my doses to one capsule of each and extended the doses i had. At about month 5, i ate grains and chocolate that may have helped bring the virus out. Along with an added equivelent to one dose of the other 4 supplements (not the unigue amino blend) with different brands each day. Including a liguid astragalus and rhodiola in pill form that worked great. I still feel great and wish i could get more for the added boost and the assurance that all my cells are clean. I have been on the treatment for just over 7 months. Thank you sincerely with all my heart. Any questions that could help please let me know. You guys did it! Its amazing thank you all!!

Kim, Boston

I just wanted to inform you all I received my negative results and I am also symptom free.

I am truly thankful for all of the support and encouragement throughout this process. I am overjoyed to finally be healed, I give praise to my almighty God for using you all to invent products that actually works. I also believe the working out play a vital role in this process. Again thank you, and I’ve already spread the information to others but of course it’s a delay bc it says the products are in high demand but they are looking forward to it.

Again thanks!!!!!

Brittany S, Edmonton

Synergy, I decided to take a test just to see where I was at and this is the first test I’ve taken since I was diagnosed and it came back negative!!!!!! I can not thank you guys enough. I feel like the biggest burden of my entire life has been lifted off my shoulders! I have been crying for the last 10 minutes. THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I have already told three of my friends in the same situation! For anyone that believes this can’t happen I would love to tell them personally it’s real!! I am at a loss for words!

Adam W, San Diego

Every winter, for years, I get a cold sore on the corner of my mouth and it last for literally months. It hurts, breaks open every time I open my mouth to eat or yawn and it’s embarrassing! I’ve tried everything and nothing has ever worked. This winter the cold sore spread to my chin!

So through google and Youtube came upon this. I started in maybe last December and it’s been the best thing I ever did. Of course I didn’t believe it would work but I gave it a shot and I literally haven’t seen any cold sores since.

Tiffany B, Ventura

To be honest I was skeptical at first because there are so many scammers out there selling false hope to people.

Five months in though to get the negative blood test results back from my Doctor and to know I was no longer infected was one of the best days I can remember. I owe you my deepest thanks.

Caroline U, Atlanta

After 5 months and few days of treatment, completed at the beginning of last November, I tested for herpes 2 and the result was NEGATIVE. First I would like to thank Synergy for this miracle that even medicine does not explain yet, as my doctors do not believe it.

Bjorn A, London

Unfortunately my ex-husband left me with oral herpes and I thought I would never have a love life again. I tried two other treatments with no success. When I found these pills I took a leap of faith and did the treatment for 7 months. I just took my test and it all came back negative!!!!! I’m fighting back tears as I type this testimonial. You can be free and healed from herpes. This is not a scam it’s real!

Jennifer M, Chicago

I appreciate the respect you paid to my privacy with the packaging. It’s not a thing I wanted people to know about and a trauma throughout my life. I wouldn’t be writing back to you normally, it’s just that literally I’ve never been so happy that I felt indebted. After I got my results back a weight has been lifted, you have no idea what this meant so truly I thank you immensely for giving me another chance.

Mark R, Richmond

Herpes Combination Solution

As this acquisition is proceeding, we wish to alert our customers that our current range of products will cease to be available. Currently the staff are conducting the final stocktake on the remaining stock levels.  There is a very limited supply and at this stage the ordering option has been removed from the website.  However, there will be a window of time when orders can be made on the website this week.  If you do wish to be notified please send an email to info@synergy-pharmaceuticals to be advised when ordering is available.  

The Research and Development department have developed a new stronger version of the Enhanced Amino Formula, which has now been released.  It supersedes all previous stock and will be automatically included in all orders from now.  

There is nothing worse than never knowing when the next outbreak or cold sore is going to hit. Not to mention having to hide the fact you have the disease and letting your sex life suffer. Most people don’t realize how serious having herpes can be to a person’s confidence, their physical identity and the social impact it can have on dating and relationships. All that has changed as the first medically tested and proven solution to eliminate the Herpes Simplex Virus is now available. The simple truth is that Synergy’s combination is the first and only product that has cured and continues to cure people with a Herpes Simplex Viral infection. Furthermore, it is more effective than any antiviral medication developed, as well as being all-natural.

The combination comprises of the highest quality plant based elements together with the latest research in natural Amino Acids. The five core ingredients work in close combination to eliminate the virus permanently. This all-natural, no prescription required treatment operates by boosting the immune system and targeting the source of the virus. Research results have repeatedly proven that this is the world’s first product that has completely eliminated herpes (HSV-1 & HSV-2). Not suppressing the herpes virus but actually completely eradicating it, leaving them with absolutely no medical trace of the virus. The key ingredient to this combination is our Amino Acid Formula which may also hold the answer to many other serious health conditions. Heralded as one of the most powerful antioxidant immune system supports ever developed. The extensive benefits of the combination has been proving to have exceptional outcomes for those suffering from Shingles, Genital Warts, EBV and HPV.  So far with Covid – 19, clients have been shown to experience reduced severity and faster recovery times but it will not stop a person from contracting the virus.

Over the last three years it is with great pleasure that Synergy Pharmaceuticals were able to present the latest research journal the “Isolation and elimination of Latent and Productive Herpes Simplex Virus from the Sacral and Trigeminal Ganglions” at the Third Global Experts Meeting on Infectious Diseases January 2020. Building on this, Synergy were also glad to announce their contribution to the world conference Viruses 2020 – Novel Concepts in Virology held in Barcelona, Spain, 5-7 February 2020.

Synergy Pharmaceuticals were honored to  have been selected to present at the International Conference on Immunity and Diagnosis of Viral Infections in Tokyo Japan 2020. As well as the 16th International Conference on Virology, Emerging Diseases and Vaccines in Vancouver Canada, November 2021.

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Synergy’s relaunch takes center stage

Originally founded in 2007, Synergy Pharmaceuticals had a mission to revolutionize the prevailing approach to viral diseases through a more natural healthcare orientation. Our laboratory team spent years analyzing the virus and its impact on the body. Through intense research, numerous trials and focused studies that extensive research led to the formulation of a comprehensive treatment that has and continues to transform the lives of those suffering from debilitating Herpes viral outbreaks and cold sores. Our team of staff have extensive experience with the virus and are trained to assist clients to achieve the best possible outcome. As an Australian company, Synergy has undertaken rigorous testing and certification to make certain that the products are safe for public consumption. All products consist of 100% natural health supplements, they are not prescription based medicines. It is essential that Synergy continues to meet all regulatory requirements for manufacturing, testing, labeling and certification of our products as a distributor. The range of plant-based products are Non – GMO, organic and produced to the highest manufacturing standards. This combination is an achievement no vaccine or suppressive medication has been able to achieve and remains to be the first and only product that has proven to completely and permanently eliminate the herpes virus.

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Your Privacy is Paramount

Synergy understands the social stigma and complications that are attached with the herpes virus. It’s very important we make sure to protect your privacy by ensuring the packaging and bottles make no mention of herpes or the website.