Roger’s Story

In 2011 I had the horrible and life changing experience of being infected with Genital Herpes or HSV2. After being tested and diagnosed, the knowledge that my intimate relationships with others were never going to be the same again was devastating. Over the next few months whilst suffering from repeated outbreaks and falling into depression I decided that I was going to overcome this virus and cure myself from Herpes.

I have always been health conscious and I was very aware of the benefits of supplements to positively improve my health. Using extensive research into herbs and medicines from all over the world I managed to formulate a combination of natural ingredients. After a few months I noticed that I had no more outbreaks or symptoms. Eight months after being infected, blood tests concluded that I had been cured from the virus. The combination treatment I was taking had not only suppressed the virus but eradicated it.

Knowing how devastating and damaging Herpes is to people I endeavored to help others. The only way to test if the solution was indeed effective was to carry out further research. In order to do this I voluntarily re-infected myself with Genital Herpes again. Despite the risks, I knew that the potential to help others was far more crucial. One month later medical tests diagnosed me as being infected. I commenced the treatment once more. Within 6 months the combination proved to be conclusively successful and I was cured of the virus yet again.

Since 2013, I have passed on the proprietary blend formula and the treatment ingredients to Synergy Pharmaceuticals. They are a great team who have are dedicated to helping other people overcome the virus. They have conducted many trials and results have proven that this treatment works to cure the Herpes virus. They have sourced the highest quality completely natural ingredients to be able to offer the treatment to the general public, so others may be able to enjoy a life free of Herpes too. My goal that others may be able to enjoy a life free of herpes too is now a reality.