What Synergy has achieved is perhaps the greatest medical breakthrough of the decade. This is the first time that evidence has proven that subjects who were infected by the Herpes Simplex Virus have undergone a treatment and then shown with further medical evidence that they have been cured from the disease. Synergy’s investigations found that this has never been achieved before and it brings us one step closer to ending herpes worldwide.

Synergy’s clinical research trials assessed subjects who were infected with the genital herpes virus (HSV-1 & HSV-2). A longitudinal approach was adopted, where participants infection rates were measured at various points for the duration of the treatment. Many of the participants had been infected for many years, as such an IgG herpes antibody serology blood test analysis was  applied rather than an IgM analysis. The IgG index levels were monitored with specific markers throughout the study to assess the effectiveness of the treatment and the progress made. Initially, each ingredient was tested independently with participants, however, this proved ineffective. It was only when the combination of ingredients was applied that the levels of herpes cellular reproduction and activity declined.

The length of the treatment found to be most effective for a successful outcome was 4-6 months. The trials conducted proved that in 70% of subjects verified as being positive to the herpes simplex virus at the commencement, were after 6 months shown to have negative blood test results to herpes. This therefore reflected that they were no longer infected, had no herpes related symptoms or outbreaks and were no longer carriers of the virus. Follow up blood tests found there was no re-occurrence of the virus, validating that once the viral cells are destroyed, it does not re-emerge. The remaining segment of participants who were still above the IgG markers reported a significant decline in herpes antibody activity. Correspondingly, their previous regular pattern and severity of outbreaks was greatly reduced.  Additional benefits to their immune system function and overall health were also reported.

Since the early research trials, we have gone on to continue reproducing the same amazing results for sufferers of genital and oral herpes alike. There are no reported side effects and in fact people undertaking the treatment have only reported improvements to their mood, energy levels and physical wellbeing. The proprietary blend amino acid is a very powerful antigen. It works to repair cells throughout the body including the skin and as such it can bring a notably healthier and younger looking appearance.

It is important to note that once the subject has been cured and no trace of the herpes virus is present they do not have any immunity to the virus. This is because the antibodies the body develops are only in response to one strain of the virus. As such they do not possess  immunity to all strains and if exposed to the herpes virus again through external means they may be reinfected.

Synergy Pharmaceuticals is currently undertaking research into the potential for this treatment protocol to be used in other applications against virus’s such as the Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) and in particular the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). If you are currently suffering from HIV, are in the 20 – 50 age bracket, are in otherwise good health and would be interested in participating in any future trials please let us know at


Participants, Doctors and Pathology centres’ names have been kept anonymous to protect their privacy.  Synergy have included some of the results with a Borderline or Equivocal finding to demonstrate that for some people undertaking the treatment it may not be a process of going straight from a Positive (infected) to Negative (no longer infected) result. The term Equivocal or Borderline in some of these results refers to a bare trace of the antibodies still being evident. In this case, the subject would no longer be suffering from actual viral activity as the viral cells have been eliminated.