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We have managed to develop a unique combination of two very rare yet specific amino acids that work together as the main catalyst in combating the Herpes virus. Making this without a doubt the most beneficial and important ingredient in this combination treatment. The special formula also boosts immunity and reduces inflammation due to it’s potent antioxidant properties that stabilizes cellular membranes, protecting them from damage by free radicals. Furthermore, it has potent anti-aging properties that reduce the effects of glucose damage and protein oxidation thus slowing down the aging process.

750mg Amino Acid Formula in each capsule
Capsules are cellulose based

Adults take 1 capsule in the morning or night with food. Not suitable for children under 9 years of age. Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs or are pregnant or lactating.

All our products are of the highest standards available, we accept no compromises when it comes to your health. Synergy pharmaceuticals source all ingredients from only the most respected sources and independently test ingredients to ensure they are of the best quality. All products are Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, gluten free, lactose free, preservative free, cholesterol free and free from nuts and shellfish. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

17 reviews for Unique Amino Formula

  1. Lucy

    Happy with results.

  2. Sandi Steele

    I want to receive your product – Unique Amino Formula

  3. Charlie

    I want to receive your amino acid blend

  4. Lauro

    Were can i buy your Unique Amino Formula or whats the two
    Rare amino acids?

  5. Ty

    I’d like to buy, how can I

  6. Christine

    Please start selling your products again. Not only did it help with the virus it also helped with my heart rate, Thyroid and hemiplegic migraines. I am back to suffering again without your products!

  7. Alex

    Please stay in business, I need to buy your products. I hope you restock soon.

  8. Lisa

    When do you anticipate having All the products available?

    Will you consider marketing the whole line as a “system” (rather than individual purchase) so other people have an opportunity to purchase and leave their review?

  9. Alex

    I Need your Produkt or I Need to know what is the amino Acid Formular please

  10. BRYAN

    Where can I buy the products?

  11. juan

    I have been withouth a break for almost 6 month, but just when all my pills finished i started again to feel the herps virus but more weak, please star selling again…

  12. brian van boxtel

    I live in Wisconsin. After 1 solid year the results are amazing a breakouts pretty gone now and has helped me with so much more health wise. I wish you did not go out of business. Very dissapointing

  13. lee

    please come back!please ,i need you!

  14. Patrick

    I need a 3 months dose for the 5 products

  15. Princess

    Please I would love to try your product. I stopped taking antivirals because they don’t do anything

  16. Victor Jimenez

    i need it

  17. London

    I gotta start all over again so far going on my 3rd week of taking it n double dosing Up. because now it’s al over me but I’m glad they back open, i got 1 yr worth of treatment to hopefully eliminate mines. All ova again I took it last yr tired to work until I got reinforced so now I’m hoping to see same Results as last yr for this to be Emliationed “. I’m hoping & praying but they are good at helping n Asstising me

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