Medication For Herpes

A natural treatment that actually works

Whether you suffer from HSV1 or HSV2, Synergy Pharmaceuticals offers a natural solution for your condition. Our medication for herpes uses ingredients that the earth has gifted us with. So, you can return to perfect health without the need for synthetically manufactured medication.

Diagnosing herpes

Herpes is a contagious disease that is contracted through direct contact with someone who has the virus. A doctor diagnoses it with a physical exam by checking for sores around the mouth and genitals. If there are blisters, a sample fluid is collected from them. The sample is then sent to a laboratory. Alternatively, a blood test is conducted to check for antibodies. There are also home tests available that can detect viral traces.

If it is confirmed that you test positive for herpes, we can help you to overcome the condition. We offer medication for oral herpes, as well as medication for genital herpes.

Medication for HSV1

HSV1 causes cold sores and fever blisters around the mouth that may itch. These blisters contain fluid that may ooze if accidentally grazed. Eventually, the sore will dry out and form a crust which can be painful. However, it may take some weeks to heal.

Other herpes indicators are fever, headaches and body aches. There may also be swollen lymph glands found in your neck, under your chin and armpits.

HSV1 can be contracted by drinking and eating from someone else’s cup or plate, sharing lip balm, oral sex and kissing.

Medication for HSV2

HSV2 symptoms manifest in the genital area. These may be a rash, blisters or a combination of both around the genitals and the anus. Another indicator is pain while urinating. HSV2 is most commonly acquired through sexual intercourse. Unlike HSV1, it can also be contracted without contact with a herpes sore.

Improving your body’s immunity to fight the herpes virus

Stress, sickness or fatigue can trigger a herpes outbreak. So, to avoid an outbreak you must maintain high immunity levels within your body. We help boost your immunity by offering a multifaceted approach that incorporates five main ingredients.

Synergy’s Enhanced Amino Formula enables the production and release of T cells. The T cells’ main function is to kill virally infected cells. But they also kill cells with intracellular bacteria or tumorous cells. They do so by releasing cytotoxic granules into the cells to be killed. These cells recognize their specific antigen (such as virus fragments) when presented on the surface of all nucleated cells. 

You don’t have to wait for an outbreak to use our medication for herpes. Instead, we encourage preventative action by taking a daily dosage of our combination treatment products.

To avoid discomfort during an outbreak, we advise that you use mild cleansers, keep areas around blisters dry, and wear loose clothing made from breathable material.

What sets Synergy Pharmaceuticals apart in overcoming herpes

Our commitment is to restore our customers’ health naturally by combining medicinal properties from plants. We address a wide range of health ailments but focus on herpes treatment. Our organic blend of elements to combat herpes comprise the following:

Enhanced Amino Formula

An organic compound that helps the body produce T cells to eliminate herpes viral cells.


Activates and regulates macrophages, a type of white blood cell that combats infection and prevents the HSV cell from replicating.


This product contains antigens that assist the nervous system in finding the virus cells to trigger an immune response.


Increases the potency of Rhodiola, in order to fight off the invasive cells.


This element starves the herpes simplex virus and prevents it from reproducing.

Why trust Synergy Pharmaceuticals

Synergy is at the forefront of new product development for curing viral diseases. The products we offer have been formulated based on years of research and scientific studies. We have successfully achieved a medical breakthrough in herpes treatment with a completely natural approach! Ours is an Australian company with an international footprint that has been in operation for seven years.

Should you have any queries, please contact us. We endeavour to provide outstanding service and place a high value on customer confidentiality.

About Synergy Pharmaceuticals

 At Synergy Pharmaceuticals, we offer organic herpes medication that can permanently eliminate the herpes simplex virus.