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If you are looking for herpes pills to help you reduce the stress and anxiety that stems from living with the herpes virus, look no further. We are trying to revolutionise the current approach to viral diseases by utilising the benefits of natural healthcare. We are currently at the forefront of naturopathic scientific research and developing products that focus on combating viral infections. Our treatments are not available anywhere else as we are the first ever to develop this specific package. Our results make us proud, and because of it, we believe that we are the pioneers in finding the cure for herpes. No one can replicate our treatments because we use a proprietary blend Amino Acid Formula for treating the virus. Synergy Pharmaceuticals currently have branches in Australia and Singapore, where we continue our research every day. Choose our services for HSV1 pills that can deliver results.

Problems We Can Address with Our Herpes Virus Pills When You Need Effective Herpes Treatment

With our natural herpes pills, we aim to address specific problems to help you live a normal life once again:

  • Whether you have recently discovered that you have contracted the herpes virus, or whether you have known for years about your exposure to it, you have surely felt the impact it has had on your confidence and general happiness. With our products, we aim to help all our clients restore their confidence by providing organic herpes pills that may deliver the results you have wanted to see for a long time. You will no longer have to stay at home when all your friends go out. You can step outside with a confident smile, knowing that your symptoms are being addressed. We want all our clients to feel as they did in the days before they found out they had herpes. We want you all to live happy, confident lives, and glow with self-esteem once again. Discomfort is undoubtedly something that herpes can cause – and in most cases it does – so we strive to provide you with a tool that can reduce, minimalise, and ultimately entirely remove that feeling of discomfort.
  • We address the needs of those who want organic remedies that can also act as vitamins for a cold sore to help them with herpes. The capsules we provide are lactose-free for those who have an intolerance, they are gluten- and sugar-free for those who have specific dietary restrictions, and they do not contain any GMOs. Finding the right balance when it comes to pills can be difficult. Since day one, we wanted to ensure that our pills are accessible to everyone everywhere in the world, regardless of their dietary restrictions or allergies. Our formulas are an excellent example of a product that everyone can buy and use. We are extremely proud of our products since they are accessible to everyone, anywhere in the world. When you need cold sore vitamins, we make sure you get them.
  • When you buy pills for herpes from us, we keep your private life private. By not using the word herpes on any of our bottles or packages, we provide you with formulas that won’t ever raise an eyebrow. We understand what impact herpes can have on your social life and personal life, which is why our packaging is subtle. You do not have to hide your HSV1 or HSV2 pills anymore, because it will blend right in. You should also know that your privacy is of paramount importance to us, which is why we comply with every requirement of the Privacy Act. You can rest assured that this also applies to any personal information you share with us. Under no circumstances will we ever share, sell, or give out your personal information to any third parties. We take customer service – and especially customer privacy – very seriously. We know that trust goes a long way, which is why we work hard to earn yours. We also employ a wide range of security technologies and procedures to ensure that we always protect your personal information from attempts at unauthorised access, use, or disclosure. We process all our transactions through a gateway provider instead of our own servers for your peace of mind.

Our pills for the herpes virus offer our clients a way towards a healthier and happier lifestyle. When faced with herpes, your confidence and self-esteem will naturally start dropping due to the stigma surrounding the viral infection, and you might be facing other health complications because of it as well. Our organic capsules are the results of years of research towards a straightforward, more effective treatment that anyone can use and access regardless of where they live. Since we offer pills that never mention the word herpes on the bottles or packaging, you can easily keep them with your other medications without worrying about raising eyebrows. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with not only a great product but with a way to reclaim their confidence, self-esteem, and healthy lifestyles.

About Us and Our Services for Genital and Oral Herpes Pills

Founded in 2007, we have been expanding as a multinational organisation that currently has branches in both Australia and Singapore. Since day one, we have been ensuring investments in products that deliver a natural approach to your health. We bring you the latest developments in health solutions through our comprehensive medical research and clinical studies. Our products are not a result of a think-tank over the course of one or two weeks. We made our products with careful consideration every step of the way to ensure our clients get only the best available treatment. After years of research, we feel we have finally become successful in establishing a medical breakthrough regarding herpes. We believe that our approaches will ultimately alter how all medical associations approach the combatting of viral diseases in people.

Over the years, we have fine-tuned our company objectives and solidified precisely what it is we feel we want to accomplish. We want to provide patients with superior service all around the world while we become responsive to their medical requirements. We want to communicate and share our scientific findings in the field of naturopathic treatments to further not only the scientific community but to educate all our clients whenever possible. We want to produce premium-quality, organic and healthy alternatives to the current viral medications that are available. We want to ensure we follow world-class, benchmarked procurement, manufacturing, and distribution practices, and finally, we want to – at the core of everything we do – empower patients so they can regain control of their confidence, health, and self-esteem.

Whether you have been living with herpes for a while, or you have only recently discovered that you had fallen victim to a virus that is probably causing you discomfort and a loss of confidence, we want to help. Our years of research have allowed us essentially, to put together treatments that we believe are effective. We are hard at work every day to ensure that our clients – no matter where they are in the world – have access to organic medication that is free of lactose, gluten, GMO, and sugars. If you are struggling with herpes and you want a treatment that could help you, we recommend you give us a call and order your organic pills for genital herpes or pills for oral herpes today. Everyone deserves to live a comfortable, confident life.

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Tips for Getting More Value Out of Medication for Genital Herpes

Aside from affecting the genital area, herpes causes sores around the mouth as a result of oral sex. There is oral herpes medication, which assists in reducing the appearance of sores and bumps around the mouth. Medication for the herpes virus requires a contribution from your side to be effective. There are a few steps to follow to ensure you rid yourself of the symptoms of herpes.

  • Follow a hygienic routine to take care of blisters and sores by washing affected areas gently with soap and water. Use a towel to pat dry the sores without rubbing harshly. Avoid bandaging the sores as air is the best healer. Furthermore, resist the temptation to scratch or pick out the blisters. You could infect it and delay the healing process. Only use lotions or topical creams that are prescribed by your doctor.
  • Be wary of the clothing you wear. Tight-fitting jeans aren’t recommended as they will be abrasive to the skin and will tear the sores, causing them to become inflamed. Loose-fitting cotton underwear should assist with its soft texture. Women shouldn’t go for nylon or synthetic pantyhose to hide the symptoms, as that will result in further damage to your skin.
  • In most cases, a doctor prescribes antiviral medication to relieve the symptoms of the outbreak. To reduce the pain and discomfort, follow the physician’s instructions relating to the medication. The first option is the daily consumption of the antivirals, which will prevent any future outbreaks. To reduce the duration of the symptoms, some doctors will prescribe seven to ten days of medication to attack the sores vigorously only when they appear.

Herpes doesn’t have to take over your life. With the number of options available to treat the symptoms, you don’t have to live with the constant fear of the virus. Keeping your immune system strong and your stress levels to a minimum will reduce the risk of an outbreak in the future. It’s imperative that you’re aware of the effect the weather has on a herpes outbreak, so be cautious in extreme heat and cold. Seek the assistance of a health provider if the outbreaks are frequent and if you’re pregnant.

About Synergy Pharmaceuticals

We’ve been researching and developing innovative health solutions since 2007. Our focus has been mainly on improving the health of the public in their constant battle with various types of infection. As such, we’ve developed an entirely natural product range that will assist with the reduction of symptoms of herpes. It’s a disease that many people struggle with in silence because of the stigma. We’re aware of those problems and have provided a completely secure solution to people all around the world.

Aside from our three locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and Singapore, we deliver treatments to other countries in discreet packages. You don’t require a doctor’s prescription as we only use natural ingredients. There are no adverse side effects that were reported by people on this treatment. All side effects have been a positive boost of energy and overall health. A little tingling sensation around the affected areas is normal after using the products as that is the medication going to work.

There’s no need to deal with herpes on your own or be ashamed. We have medication for cold sores and genital sores. From the research we’ve conducted, we see results after around six months of using the product. However, this is also based on the individual case and how much the cells have replicated, so healing time could be reduced. Simply contact us for more information on our products and treatment for herpes.

What You Can Expect from Synergy Pharmaceuticals Regarding Medication for Oral Herpes

We’ve been dedicated to revolutionising the current approach to viral diseases via natural healthcare. Part of our mission is to develop products that will assist in fighting diseases that the public is facing. We have conducted thorough medical research and clinical studies to manufacture the best in natural health solutions. Some of these include hsv1 medication.

  • We have a range of treatments for herpes, including a one month, three-month, and six-month package. You decide which package is suitable for your health requirements and your budget constraints. All three options include L-Lysine, Tribulus, Astragulus, Rhodiola, and the Unique Amino Formula. It is advisable to take all five treatments as opposed to one of them, and the recommended duration is over a four to six month period.
  • We understand the nature of herpes and the potential stigma attached to having the disease. Hence, we take great strides in guaranteeing confidentiality. As such, we comply with the Privacy Act, which includes Privacy Principles and State or Territory legislation regarding health information. Under no circumstances are your details shared, sold, or handed out to a third party. You can rest assured that your health problems remain private. We use various security technology that ensures your information is protected from unauthorised access. There are designated personnel that have access to this information who are required to keep it confidential.
  • All our products are entirely natural. We don’t take the risk of compromising your health, and as a result, all our ingredients are of the highest possible standard. Apart from trusting our sources for the ingredients, we further test them to ensure the quality is maintained. The plant-based components such as Tribulus, Astragulus, and Rhodiola are grown under certified organic guidelines. Furthermore, we guarantee that our products are vegan and vegetarian-friendly, and free from gluten, lactose, preservatives, cholesterol, nuts, and shellfish.

Some of our range is available as singular treatments such as L-Lysine, which is an essential amino acid that isn’t produced by the body. L-Lysine is required to produce protein in the body, such as hormones, enzymes, and antibodies. Furthermore, it assists with calcium absorption, and some cases have demonstrated an improvement in cardiovascular function.

Tribulus has been used in medication in China and India for centuries. It promotes athletic development and has been used for muscular and performance enhancement. It supports the endocrine system and nourishes the body by secreting the normal hormones required for longevity.

Astragulus was used in China with the combination of herbs to assist with the immune system. Some of the more common problems were the treatment and prevention of common colds and upper respiratory infections. Research has demonstrated it’s beneficial to liver cells, preventing the liver enzymes from becoming elevated, thus supporting detoxification.

Rhodiola, otherwise known as the “golden root,” is native to European and Scandinavian countries. It’s shown to assist with the body’s overall resistance and stabilising body functions. It has apoptogenic properties that can increase the beta-endorphin in blood plasma contributing to eliminating fatigue and boosting overall performance.

The Enhanced Amino Formula is an all-rounder. It may assist with boosting the immune system, combating the ageing process, relieving symptoms of respiratory conditions, reducing the risk of heart disease, and stabilising your blood sugar levels.

Roger’s Story

In 2011 I had the horrible and life changing experience of being infected with Genital Herpes or HSV2. After being tested and diagnosed, the knowledge that my intimate relationships with others were never going to be the same again was devastating. Over the next few months whilst suffering from repeated outbreaks and falling into depression I decided that I was going to overcome this virus and cure myself from Herpes.

I have always been health conscious and I was very aware of the benefits of supplements to positively improve my health. Using extensive research into herbs and medicines from all over the world I managed to formulate a combination of natural ingredients. After a few months I noticed that I had no more outbreaks or symptoms. Eight months after being infected, blood tests concluded that I had been cured from the virus. The combination treatment I was taking had not only suppressed the virus but eradicated it.

Knowing how devastating and damaging Herpes is to people I endeavoured to help others. The only way to test if the treatment was indeed effective was to carry out further research. In order to do this I voluntarily re-infected myself with Genital Herpes again. Despite the risks, I knew that the potential to help others was far more crucial. One month later medical tests diagnosed me as being infected. I commenced the treatment once more. Within 6 months the treatment proved to be conclusively successful and I was cured of the virus yet again.

Since 2013, I have passed on the proprietary blend formula and the treatment ingredients to Synergy Pharmaceuticals. They are a great team who have are dedicated to helping other people overcome the virus. They have conducted many trials and results have proven that this treatment works to cure the Herpes virus. They have sourced the highest quality completely natural ingredients to be able to offer the treatment to the general public, so others may be able to enjoy a life free of Herpes.