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How We’ve Worked to Uncover an Improved Cold Sore Remedy

Are you tired of reaching for an over the counter cold sore remedy every time you experience another outbreak? Living with a herpes infection is a challenge, especially when outbreaks occur at inopportune times. What if there was another, longer-term solution that could possibly offer a way to escape from the cycle of remission and outbreaks? At Synergy Pharmaceuticals, we’ve played an important role in engineering exciting new developments in this field.

What You Should Know About Herpes and Its Removal

It is important to have some background to understanding our novel approaches. What do you need to know?

  • There are two types of the herpes simplex virus (HSV), called HSV-1 and HSV-2. HSV1 typically causes outbreaks of sores on the lips and around the mouth, while we know HSV2 more commonly as genital herpes. According to research, as many as 1 in 6 people may have genital herpes. Worldwide, the occurrence of the disease is remarkably common. Typically, herpes spreads only through direct contact, such as kissing.
  • Medical science has long thought of herpes as a “forever” virus — one that infects us and never leaves. It is true that with typical medical treatments, there is no accepted cure for herpes as of yet. This often leaves those infected feeling vulnerable, alone, and damaged, assuming that they will need to live with a stigma for the rest of their lives. This is not true — in fact, many individuals lead happy and healthy lives and continue to enjoy normal relationships with their partners.
  • At Synergy Pharmaceuticals, we’ve intensively invested time and resources into understanding novel methods for not only controlling herpes, but ultimately seeking to eliminate its ability to cause outbreaks or infect others. With a unique formulation of five compounds that occur naturally, we’ve achieved some truly remarkable results. Read on for more about what we’ve learned and what options are available.

Little Known Facts About Oral Herpes and Removal

Think you already know everything there is to know about this disease? Take a moment to learn more to better understand the challenges we faced in creating new options.

  • Did you know that oral herpes symptoms have posed a problem for humans since ancient times? References to cold sores are plentiful in Roman history — at one point, a Roman Emperor even tried to place a ban on kissing to stop its transmission within the empire’s capital. It’s likely that humans have contracted and passed this disease between one another for much longer. Clearly, we’ve been struggling with this problem for quite some time!
  • Older natural treatments based on plants exist but primarily focused on mitigating symptoms. For much of the history of herpes, mitigation has been the goal — although many have wondered and wished for a cure.
  • In modern medicine, there has been no shortage of attempts to produce antiviral drugs and vaccines. These extensive trials have repeatedly failed to produce long-lasting results and control of the virus. However, some modern antivirals are very good at suppressing one of the most problematic elements of the disease — so-called asymptomatic “shedding.” An infected person may not have active sores, but they still may transmit the disease. Modern drugs reduce this trait but do not eliminate it.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Cold Sore Removal

Staying optimistic in the face of a herpes diagnosis is not always easy, and taking the next steps may be a challenge, too. Watch out for these common pitfalls:

  • Losing hope too soon. Depression is a common experience upon learning of a herpes diagnosis. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of believing that your life is now “over”. Nothing could be further from the truth. A full and happy life is still yours to enjoy.
  • Chasing solutions that only address symptoms, rather than investigating novel approaches to tackling the herpes virus itself. At Synergy Pharmaceuticals, we’ve seen first-hand the reluctance to move away from an over-reliance on engineered drugs and towards the potentials found in alternative medicines. Take time now to learn about how we support individuals with a different approach.
  • Assuming it is an “all or nothing” proposition — that is, if there is no outright “cure” available for the issue, then it is not worth pursuing possible solutions for other beneficial outcomes. This type of thinking is understandable when you’ve struggled with outbreaks for years, but don’t give in to defeatism.

What Sets Synergy Pharmaceuticals’ Natural Products Apart Regarding Herpes Virus Removal?

What makes our combination therapy different than other solutions on the market? Our radical approach to using natural ingredients and alternative therapies is enough to differentiate us from big pharmaceutical players, but the products themselves are different, too. Here’s how we stand out:

  • Our products rely on natural formulations, using ingredients typically found in nature, our diets, and even our own bodies already. This includes L-Lysine, tribulus, astragalus, rhodiola, and a unique, proprietary formulation of amino acids. The organic nature of these ingredients ensures that most individuals tolerate the formula very well.
  • We’ve worked hard to make our options more affordable and accessible to the average person, unlike typical pharmaceuticals, which often come with a high price tag and a litany of side effects. Our combination herpes treatment is cost-effective and within reach of the average HSV-positive individual.
  • These ingredients work together to naturally stimulate the body’s immune system to produce a special kind of T-Cell. What are T-Cells? They are the body’s natural warriors sent from the immune system. With the ability to neutralise infected cells, they’re your primary method for attacking the herpes virus on its own ground.
  • With the “new and improved” version of these disease fighters at work in your body, the powered-up T-Cells attack the viral envelope that surrounds the herpes organism. By damaging and degrading this envelope, each viral unit loses its ability to infect cells and replicate, essentially severing its reproductive capabilities.

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Some Background to the Development of Our Remedy for Cold Sore Outbreaks

How did we get here? We didn’t develop this solution overnight.

  • Individual experiences with treatments for natural herpes removal led Synergy Pharmaceuticals to engage in a more scientific approach to exploring and testing these potential options. The mental strain of contracting a lifelong disease may be difficult for the healthy to comprehend, but a simple refusal to accept the status quo may have led to an exciting breakthrough. Learn more about Roger’s story for a look at the rich history behind our endeavours.
  • After learning about the potential value of the five immunotherapeutic compounds which now make up the core of our products, we engaged in extensive laboratory testing and research to determine their efficacy. In our initial trials using the compounds separately, we detected no results. When we provided them in combination and allowed for more time to elapse, however, our researchers detected novel mechanisms of action that seemed to neutralise the herpes virus. It was time for us to move on to the next step.
  • Our research clearly demonstrates blood test results showcasing that many individuals using the combination product for four to six months as directed, experienced a change in disease status. Blood serum analysis after six months returned a negative result for the presence of herpes markers. Though not all patients experienced a complete change in their detection status, those who did not. benefited in other ways. For example, other study participants noticed a marked decrease in the number and severity of outbreaks, indicating a disease under greater control.

About Synergy Pharmaceuticals

Since our start in 2007, we are dedicated to investigate and uncover the hidden value in naturopathic treatments. It is this dedication that led us to uncover what may come to be seen as one of the biggest breakthroughs in virology today thanks to our combination herpes treatment. A multinational organisation with a diverse team, we’re proud to provide a pathway to relief and peace of mind for the many individuals suffering from herpes today. Learn more now, or contact us with your questions and concerns.

Key Questions to Ask Synergy Pharmaceuticals About Remedies for Cold Sores

We expect you may have some questions at this point. What are some of the most commonly asked inquiries? Let’s take a moment for some Q&A:

  • How long will I need to take the treatment products to see effective results? Typically, a regimen lasting from four to six months is necessary to achieve a detectable viral load reduction in blood serum tests. Dosages typically include five to ten capsules in total, drawn from each of the five core compounds. We recommend you primarily take the capsules in the morning along with food and plenty of water.
  • Does taking your product confer any form of immunity against HSV2, or is removal a temporary effect? No. While we’ve shown our product combination’s effectiveness at stimulating the body to rid itself of HSV1 and 2, it does not make you immune to herpes altogether. It is therefore possible to contract the virus again after the completion of your treatment course if you expose yourself to an infected person.
  • Can you show me your research that indicates others have experienced positive treatment outcomes? Yes, we can! Look at medical records and other information showcasing the change in patients’ test outcomes.
  • How do you source your ingredients? We do so with the greatest care possible. We work with highly reputable and licensed suppliers, alongside certified organic farmers. Our plant-based ingredients grow under strict conditions for quality and safety.
  • Are your products vegan? Yes! There are no animal by-products in these capsules and you can safely take them without concern for your conscience. Synergy Pharmaceuticals’ products are also always free from common allergens, including gluten, lactose, tree nuts, shellfish, and more. They’re cholesterol-free, too.

Tips for Making the Most of Our Organic Herpes Removal Options

Ready to take the next steps? Please keep the following things in mind as you acquire your first month’s supply of our therapeutic combination.

  • Remember, this is not a prophylactic medication. During the treatment period for HSV2 or HSV1 removal, there is still a possibility that you may infect others. Always take proper precautions, avoid close physical contact during outbreaks, and inform potential partners about the risks. Likewise, remember what we mentioned earlier: completing your treatment does not provide you with immunity from catching the disease again.
  • Follow the treatment plan closely to ensure an improved chance for an effective outcome. You are unlikely to see results from abandoning the treatment course before you complete four to six months of maintaining appropriate levels of these natural compounds in your body. As with any course of medication, always follow directions closely and finish your dosage.
  • Complement your treatment with periodic testing to track the progress of your battle against the virus. Understanding your progress and how these capsules impact the detectability of the virus is impossible without testing. Co-ordinate with your care provider to schedule periodic tests so you can see how effectively it works.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Genital Herpes Removal

We have a few parting words of wisdom and encouragement to share as you embark on the next stage in your medical journey.

  • Don’t give up. This condition may make you feel embarrassed, ashamed, and isolated, but you are not alone. Not only is there continuous innovation in the realm of treatment, such as the work done by Synergy Pharmaceuticals, but there is support available, too. Consider connecting with an online group for those with HSV to learn more about how others live with this.
  • You can take control of your life again. We’re here to help put you back in the driver’s seat, so you feel that you, not a disease, are in control of your destiny.
  • Natural medicine is not a cure-all, but we have all overlooked its potential for too long. We encourage and invite you to explore more about the facts and science behind the ingredients used in our combination therapy, such as L-Lysine or the unique amino blend. What else might we have missed through an over-reliance on complex chemistry?

Roger’s Story

In 2011 I had the horrible and life changing experience of being infected with Genital Herpes or HSV2. After being tested and diagnosed, the knowledge that my intimate relationships with others were never going to be the same again was devastating. Over the next few months whilst suffering from repeated outbreaks and falling into depression I decided that I was going to overcome this virus and cure myself from Herpes.

I have always been health conscious and I was very aware of the benefits of supplements to positively improve my health. Using extensive research into herbs and medicines from all over the world I managed to formulate a combination of natural ingredients. After a few months I noticed that I had no more outbreaks or symptoms. Eight months after being infected, blood tests concluded that I had been cured from the virus. The combination treatment I was taking had not only suppressed the virus but eradicated it.

Knowing how devastating and damaging Herpes is to people I endeavoured to help others. The only way to test if the treatment was indeed effective was to carry out further research. In order to do this I voluntarily re-infected myself with Genital Herpes again. Despite the risks, I knew that the potential to help others was far more crucial. One month later medical tests diagnosed me as being infected. I commenced the treatment once more. Within 6 months the treatment proved to be conclusively successful and I was cured of the virus yet again.

Since 2013, I have passed on the proprietary blend formula and the treatment ingredients to Synergy Pharmaceuticals. They are a great team who have are dedicated to helping other people overcome the virus. They have conducted many trials and results have proven that this treatment works to cure the Herpes virus. They have sourced the highest quality completely natural ingredients to be able to offer the treatment to the general public, so others may be able to enjoy a life free of Herpes.